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This shows the directory structure to my theme

Hi all, Today I completed building my WordPress framework mojo. This was done using my own computer as a server or as they say, setting up a local hosting environment. I highly recommend MAMP as your tool for this, there is a free version which is quite adequate and a paid version with more bells and whistles. originally targeted at Macs they now cater for windows as well.

unstyled view of the posts page with comments
unstyled view of the posts page with comments

As you can see it’s looking pretty bare…. however the core functionality is there, (not too say that I won’t be adding more) and I’m working on building a Photoshop mock-up, new logo and style guide to work from for the styling of the Mojo Theme. The layout as you can see is a main column and right hand sidebar however I intend to add more options hence the layouts folder in the framework. The framework is liquid however I may integrate other alternatives rather than just media queries (ie Bootstrap) so stay tuned.

screen shot of sample page in mojo theme
– Sample Page I Test – http___localhost_8888_wordpress__page_id=2
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