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Whats makes the perfect fit ?

What’s the number one thing you look for when you’re searching for the perfect Web Designer/Developer? Is it price, style, location, personality, reputation? If you’ve been looking for a designer developer you’ve probably realised that it can be a little overwhelming. I’m here to help, Here are some questions to ask yourself while contemplating who will do your web project.

Have You Thought of a Good Domain Name for Your Website?

Choosing a domain name is a key step in developing your website. Apart from being a main part of your branding, a domain name is one of the most common ways people will find you on the internet. That’s why a domain name needs to be memorable, by matching an existing name or being unique or catchy.

 Who will register your domain and in whose name

Although registering a domain is straight forward, some people are not comfortable or to busy, so it’s not uncommon for a web designer or company to register a domain on behalf of their client. If that’s the way you intend to go when registering your domain, there are a several steps you’ll want to take to make sure the domain remains in your control.

At the very least you should be listed as the registrant. Use your mailing information or email-address and so on. The registrant is the one who controls the domain.

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