A Logo’s evolution

This is the American television channel ABC’s logo as it morphed through the years.

It is a good indicator of the decades styles and the resulting changes to there logo.

Image shows nine different versions of the ABC's logo as it progressed from 1952 to 2013
ABC’s logo as it progressed from 1952 to 2013. (image credit : 1000 Logos)

Latest Logo makeover

2021 ABC new logo
ABC’s-new-logo created 2021

why is the redesign of the logo like this?

  • Citing other recent rebrands by Apple, BMW and Starbucks, ABC justifies its move into the flat design space by explaining the needs of digital application. The guide talks about legibility and stability in the new design.
  • Flat design is nessaccary to ensure maximum clarity, consistency, and elascity across all platforms.
  • 3 D logos are not optimal for all digital, social and emerging appllications.
  • The logo has been redrawn to increase legibility and stability at smaller scales, ensuring brand recognition.

Logo supplied by ABC

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