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Target your audience

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Target your audience

A website is a communications tool you’re building to help achieve the goals
you’ve set.

But, it’s a communications tool unique in the history of the worldbecause it can perform a variety of tasks that no tool before it could have hoped to perform on its own. In fact, a website can be virtually every communication
tool that ever existed, and then some.

A website can be a diary, brochure, book, television, telephone, radio, slideshow,billboard, business card, and on and on. Not only that, but it can be all of them at the same time, or it can be some now and others later. And a year from now it could be something no one has thought of yet.

However, all this power and flexibility can be a bit daunting.Even when the purposes of your site are clear, you face a myriad of choices for accomplishing those goals. Of course, time and money will limit everyone, but that still doesn’t resolve the question of exactly which tasks your site should perform; what kind of communications tools it should be. You’ll need to look at which tools are best for reaching your audience.

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