What is GIT?

Understanding version control

Git is software for keeping track of  changes in files and directories , particularly text changes. Git gives you the ability to store (for example)
three different versions and allows you to compare different versions, move between different versions, and control them. This is referred to as a Version control system or VCS. Git was not the first version control system by any means, but all have been designed with the purpose of tracking computer code. They wanted to be able to track changes over time fix bugs and update source code. Ninety Five percent of VCS is used to track source code  hence the name, source code management or SCM, these terms are almost interchangeable. You may well of as a designer, used non source code version control to name files like Budget_4.xls, or logo_v2.png so that you can keep track of changes over time. You have done this by changing the text at the end of the file. Think of the History palette in Photoshop this palette shows each change you have made to your file and allows you to view your image at different stages. You can even roll back your image to an earlier time, this is a primitive example of  version control.

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