What is ? REST API



APIs allow different software to talk to one another. The REST API, for example is an alternative to the outdated XML-RPC, it allows for example, WordPress to easily interact with other websites and services on the Internet using JavaScript Object Notation, or JSON.

Nowadays, the acronym REST has become a buzzword, and as such, it’s being thrown into the digital wind very carelessly by a lot of tech people without fully understanding what it really means. Just because you can interact with a system using HTTP, and send JSON back and forth, doesn’t mean it’s a RESTful system. REST is a lot more than that.

REST has proven to be a huge jump forward regarding distributed systems interconnection, which is what developers were  looking for solutions to ” how to easily interconnect a nonhomogeneous set of systems.”
Developers before REST used to interconnect systems, mainly going over SOAP and XML-RPC (the two main players before REST).

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