Tips on working from home or (W.F.H.)

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Part 1

This post is separated into 3 parts and is about that inevitable journey of late, for many people …of taking your vocation home with you. And the difficulty of trying to adapt to running it from your new home office, with all its distractions, but not all necessarily bad ones though. Ive always said ; “letting one daydream occasionally”… Is imperative to ones creativity as an artist or designer or creator of vision. The mind needs to declutter and renew.

Working from home is a skill that you can really only hone through a combination of your own trial and error, and by implementing the advice of others who have been doing it for a while.

There are countless factors that impact the Working from Home (WFH) experience. Small details can make or break your experience — some of which
won’t even impact you until the medium or long-term.
Through those decades of combined WFH experience, some organisations already amassed a pretty sizeable number of tools and strategies to make it easier.
While some of those tactics might work perfectly for some, they’re not always going to fit — and that’s where your part begins. It would be a lie to say this is going to be an easy journey, or that reading this post is going to leave you fully equipped to overcome every one of the new challenges you’re going to face.
You’re already walking down the road though, so you might as well bring a some sort of guide. (that be this post) see part 2

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